TOTALLY CAMPOOZ Our caravan porch awning is stylish and flexible. And you can choose whether you use the Homy as an awning or a porch awning. All panels are removable, the door can be on the left or right, as standard the porch awning is equipped with a veranda rod as well as the Clima-C system for optimum ventilation.

All panels are removable

Door on the left or right

✔ All panels are removable

✔ Door on the left or right

Height: 245 cm

✔ Height: 245 cm

Depth: 230 cm

Depth: 230 cm

Clima-C system

✔ Clima-C system


AVAILABLE IN SIX SIZES: 275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400. What size do you need for your caravan? For most awnings, you need to measure the circumference of the rail. You can measure your caravan as shown below. Choose the version closest to your measurement. Did you measure 290 cm? In that case, choose the 300. Is the length 390 cm? Then choose 400.



– Type: part tent
• Measurements: 275, 300, 325, 350, 375 and 400
• Depth: 230 cm
• Height: 245 cm
• Colour: beige/anthracite
• Awning: 300 gr/m2 Ripstop cotton
• Frame: aluminium

beige antraciet
homy voortent caravan

THE BEST SERVICE. Campooz Caravanning dealers will give you personal advice and show you how to set up your Homy porch awning in no time. The dealer will also help you with all your questions as well as help solve any problems quickly and professionally in the workshop.