COMPLETE YOUR CARAVAN OR CAMPERVAN. How about a handy outdoor mat or a camping table? All set for a fabulous holiday. And all in Campooz style!


Left and right interchangeable

✔ Flexible

✔ Left and right interchangeable

Just click into place

✔ Just click into place

All in Campooz style

All in Campooz style

Easy to upgrade

✔ Easy to upgrade

The Campooz Trekking and Travelling awnings can be expanded with various sidewalls. The walls are universal for left and right. You just click them onto the frame when the awning is in place. You attach the awning to the ground with a quick-tension peg system.

zijwand dicht accessoire


Extend your Trekking or Travelling awning with a closed side wall. Choose from three different colours: beige, black or light grey. You can click the closed side wall onto whichever side you want. Rain coming in from the right? Then, click the side wall there. Of course, you can also choose to hang a side wall on both sides. The bottom of the side wall is easy to attach to the ground with pegs.

kleuren trekking luifel caravan
zijwand raam accessoire


Sitting comfortably out of the wind and rain under your Campooz Travelling and Trekking awning: now, that’s what you want. And that’s what you’ll get with our side walls. The walls are universal for left and right. Added bonus: with the window, you can still enjoy your surroundings just as much.

kleuren trekking luifel caravan
zijwand gaas


Avoid sun and wind. The netting walls are universal for left and right. Is your awning in place? Then you can click the side wall onto the frame in the blink of an eye. Just a few more pegs in the ground and you’re done. The side wall made of insect netting has two functions. It protects from the sun and blocks out some of the wind. It provides ventilation and protection against the sun when it’s really hot.


The sturdy screen can be expanded with additional panels. Both, the height and width are 138 cm. Expand the Campooz windscreen as far as you desire. There’s even an adapter available so you can attach the screen to the caravan rail with a flexible tube.

beige zwart


Handy table with a bamboo top and an aluminium frame. The legs can be adjusted in height. Includes a book net and sturdy carrying bag.

tochtstrook organizer


The draft strip not only protects against drafts under the caravan, but it goes one step further with the handy storage compartments for extra functionality. The handy storage compartments help you keep your porch awning nice and tidy. Slippers, shoes and magazines? Pop them in the compartments! The draft strip is super simple to attach. Just thread the draft strip’s flexible tube through the rail and voilà, you have a sturdy and safe attachment to your caravan. Available in the following sizes: 275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400.

buitenmat caravan


Sturdy and durable. Super easy to clean. The mat has a dark and light side.